Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Well, well, well, guess who's back!
Research for my animation... where to start? Today we watched an animation that was very long but very intense (Clare's word), and I found it inspiring. It talked a lot about dreams, and for my animation I have been getting into the divination and the mystical side of things, so I found the animation we watched today very interesting.
I've decided that as part of my research I am going to delve into astrology, mythology and the use of tarot cards. I want my animation to have meaning to me though obviously I want it so others can enjoy it too.
I just tried to get into Joh's google group but that's not happening - the link won't work for me!
Anyway, I'll catch you later,

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

hey all, hows it going? yep, im still doing that darn essay. This time i have kara with me so its not as bad as yesterday.. i didnt get anything done yesterday anyway. i am sick at the moment so i have been taking these tablets that just about knock me out! but i didnt take them today so its all good - i can actually hold a train of thought! went to maccas with kara and gabby to get away from the essay >sigh< any suggestions as to what my answer should be????? oh well, back to the grinding stone :o)


Monday, August 23, 2004

Well so much for keeping this up... not that it really matters that much considering no one comes to visit anymore!!! Oh well, its nice to look at it every now and then. Uni has been busy but great... i'm really enjoying it here at good old csu :o) i cant believe its been so long since ive been here and written a message! how about australia and the olympics... were going so well! go aussies!! im so motivated im going to start up swimming again for the first time in years... its good the olympics are happening so i can lose weight after stacking it on cos i cant cook for myself here. and maybe ill grab a medal while im at it in beijing... ok maybe not :oP
well im off now, got to write a bloody essay :o( but its ok, its a pretty breezy one (or so my lecturer says!).
catch you all later,


Thursday, April 15, 2004

Hello, had my birthday the other week - on the 7th of April. It was great cos I'm finally 18! So now I am officially an adult and can buy grog, vote and do whatever, and great, be held liable for my actions!!!

I haven't written for a long while, mainly because I have been so busy, and also because my assignment has finished... but I think I will continue to do my blog cos I quite like it. It gives me an opportunity to communicate with my friends and I love that... and I also get to have my ideas displayed to the wider world community which is nice too :o)

We're about to have a roast chicken dinner to celebrate my birthday, my Dad's and my big sister's. I'm on the 7th of April, Dad's on the 27th and my sister is on the 20th. Pretty busy month April, specially this year cos of my age and my Dad's - he's 50! The big five o.

So we have my family, Dad, Mum, my sister and me, and Peter and my sister's boy and a friend of hers who is staying with us for a couple of days. So it's a nice big roast! Yummo. And good company too. All that lovely family stuff ;o)

Cheerio for now!


Monday, April 05, 2004

Hey, it's the final night before this blog is due... interesting! But don't stress, I'm not going to spend this entry crapping on about how much I love my course and how great the lecturers are :oP although it is true... ha ha ha, the uni attempt to be a teacher's pet!!! No, none of that :o)

Hi Peter, I know you're reading this! What can I say buddy? Only LESS than two days til my birthday!!! (and Scott's too). Scott, you had better be coming out for final fling man.

I can't wait until the holidays, the coming ones and the semester ones too. They're the ones where I might be going with Peter's family to Rockhampton and on to Great Keppel Island. That should be heaps of fun!

I was looking for my favourite cocktail recipe and came across this site which boast lots and lots of recipes, I think mainly for drinks with caffeine or alcohol - check it out and see if your favourite is there! Mine was, cept not the right recipe. You can find it at: Fruit tingle!!! And for those of us who have been to Melbourne clubbing (can't say I have seeing as I am not yet 18), here is an interesting site...

Ok, what else? It's my birthday in two days... yeah that's about it really!


Sunday, April 04, 2004

I drove home today. Bit of a boring drive, but I enjoyed it all the same. Nothing quite like driving towards the sun for a couple of hours...

On the way home I picked up some party things from Woolies, and some sparklers (6 packs of 12 he he he). I wanted to use some to make images for my photo assignment so I got my housemate Holly to run around outside with them while I took some pictures... don't know how they will turn out but oh well! We went inside and Kate suggested we take another photo with a sparkler in the dead bird the ants have been eating for two weeks outside our front door. She was joking, but Holly and I went out there and lit a sparkler and stuck it in the bird and took some photos. The ants were a little upset but if it turns out it will be an interesting shot... dunno what sort of message I'm going to read into it though!

Apart from that nothing else, just waiting for this assignment to be due in two days... less than that now. I wish Sundays were more interesting cos then I could fill them with millions of links and what not... at least I'm writing today rather than having the day off!

Ciao all,


Saturday, April 03, 2004

Hello hello, I had a lovely day today... I went with Dad and Peter to try and get my family's camera fixed however it wasn't to be so we bought a 'new' second hand one which Dad had to take back later as it was broken - the shutter speed wasn't changing so it was useless to us!

Peter and I took a photo of those blasted Greens trees again (see last saturday's entry), of his Dad's bonsais and of a really really ugly brick sculpture outside of Belconnen library. Hopefully the film will turn out ok - Peter is putting it in today. (BTW here is a demented bonsai site te he)

It's not very long until my birthday! Yay! And Scott's too. As much as it's fun mentioning peoples birthdays I wish I didn't know it was Scott's cos A) it's MY birthday and B) I have to recognise it as his birthday too when I mention it in this blog.

ANYWAY, getting to more important things... that's about it really!!!

Ciao boys and girls.

P.S. Try to look at this site a little more often guys cos my stats have been at a disappointing low these past two days... c'mon, give a new blogger a chance ;o)


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